Online Business Magazine focusing on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) : for Entrepreneurs/Business People, Executives, Investors, Managers and Marketers


We are looking for content contributors accross 10 states to serve the needs of readers;
which will cover the toppics of business updates, useful resources, market statistics, exclusive interviews, etc.


- We are number one and only English-version Online Business Magazine that focused on ASEAN Economic Community in Southeast Asia.
- Our office location in based in Thailand which effectively for us to source for the news/update in neighboring countries of CLMV sub-region : Cambodia, Laos, Mynmar, Vietnam.
- We partnered with local agencies, reporters/writers in South-ASEAN sub-region : Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philiphine, Brunei Dalusalem.
- Our Primary Goals is to spread the world for update/news about Businesses in Southeast Asia.
- We are looking for an Angle Investor and Native-English writers (from US.or UK.)who lives in Southeast Asia and has a high passion to support the contribution of ASEAN Economic Community.


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